Winners of the Facebook Fiction Contest!

Last month The Finger created an entirely new form of narrative: Facebook Fiction. Confined to the status update section of Facebook, this new form of flash fiction debuted in a multi-week contest runs through The Finger‘s Facebook page, which you can find at

We are proud to announce the winners of the first Facebook Fiction Contest ever to grace the literary world:

Based on the number of likes Sarah Fisher won the Public Vote!

Matthew Luke was granted the honor of being the Editors’ Pick.

The work of Conor Burnett and Jeanie Marie were each honorable mentions, which still netted each of them a prize.

We want to thank all the participants in this new form of literary contest! We will be posting entries from the contest throughout the summer starting very soon in what we’re calling Facebook Fiction Fridays. We encourage all of you to keep an eye out for the next Facebook Fiction contest, which, as rumor has it, will be sometime in the fall. Be sure to check back here or our Facebook page for this and all the other areas of literature that The Finger is touching.