Introducing Facebook Fiction Fridays

In Spring 2012, The Finger ran a contest the likes of which the world has never seen. We invented our own form of literature: Facebook Fiction. What is Facebook Fiction? It’s a flash fiction that is able to fit within a Facebook status update. The winners and runners-up of the contest are being published in the debut issue of The Finger which comes out this fall. However, since we take so much pride in inventing Facebook Fictions, we decided to share some with you. So we are excited to announce that for the rest of the summer (and maybe some of the fall as well) we will be running Facebook Fiction Fridays, in which we will publish an entry from the contest for all of you to see. If you want to be part of future contests or take part in the next submission period for Facebook Fictions, check back here or visit our Facebook page.

Our first Facebook Fiction comes from FLCC’s own Trista Merrill. We hope you enjoy.

Swirling the contents of the goblet, she inhaled deeply, then drank. ìIt is indeed unique to the palette. The fragrance is sharp and sweet; a strong bouquet with a hint of spice. Its hue is darker than most reds and somber, contrasting with the full-bodied taste. It has the freshness of a young vintage, but the dignity of age. It is unlike any I’ve known, and yet seems strangely familiar. I cannot place the label, origin, or year. She smiled her defeat and he grinned, sharp teeth glistening. She gasped.

Make sure to check back next week for another entry!