Facebook Fiction(s) Friday

Welcome back for another round of Facebook Fiction Fridays, presented to you, as always, by The Finger.  This week, we have a special treat for you: not one, but two Facebook Fictions. This set of short pieces were submitted by The Finger‘s very own Amanda Ferguson and Abigail Bellavia–both of who have bid our little town of Canandaigua adieu and set off to finish their Bachelor degrees. Amanda was the Editor-in-Chief for our debut issue and Abigail our Managing Editor. We hope you enjoy their Facebook Fictions and that you check back next week for another tale.

Here’s Amanda’s:

There was no petulant clock tick-tick, but an analog blinked gently. 4:45AM and there was no moon, no breeze, no birds, no stars. Everything was still. His cigarette smoldered a glow and plumed a thin haze between him and the door, the smoke the only thing that shifted in the room. He heard a knock on his window that he answered with his eyes. He blinked along with 4:46AM. He knew who it was but they could wait.

And the one from Abigail:

The glass fell like diamonds from the now ragged window frame, stealing my breath. A face peers through the empty space, in a squinty eyed attempt to see into the gloom beyond. A well-muscled arm reaches carefully through the space. It is grasping gently for something almost out of reach. The strong fingers find what they have been searching for. There is a soft click. My heart stops. The arm retracts through the window. There is a faint creak as the handle is turned. A sudden unwelcome burst of sunlight envelopes me, as a mocking voice says “I told you, you can’t hide.”

See you next Friday!