Facebook Fiction Friday

Okay, back to our normal scheduling. We hope you enjoyed the extra Facebook Fictions this week, but I think we can all agree that Friday is where they belong. Today’s submission comes from MuddyMae Suggins. If you like it, why don’t you visit our Facebook page today, Friday, and let us know about it. Or maybe what you thought of the extra stories this week. We’d love to hear from you. See you in September.

The sun is beginning to slip away, taking its warmth further west where I would rather be. It is growing dark so early these days. A bright bit of cadmium yellow catches my eye and there, in a tiny crevice cutting through a slab of stone, sprouts a profusion of broad green leaves and bright yellow petals. Taraxacum officinale. Lion’s teeth. Weeds. Impossibly, implausibly, flourishing in the midst of all this cold, grey solidity. I snap a picture. And save it.