Facebook Fiction Friday

We are getting closer and closer to the release of the debut issue of The Finger.  To hold you over, we have, as always, Facebook Fiction Friday. This week’s submission is by Justin Pietropaolo and is titled “First Makeover.”

Anchovy lips, burnt ramen hair. You looked up. 12:30. Still sleeping. Well behaved at least. Good for learning steps and sitting still. But judges would want blond and bouncy. Not this. She would learn that. Before she knew her name or who Mama was she’d learn how to fix herself. Learn like you never could. You plucked her up. “You’ll be so perfect,” you said, before you saw the pearled eyes, the amethyst cheeks, the half carat toenails dangling past the blanket that hung from her throat.

See you next Friday, same time, same place.