Facebook Fiction Friday

The release of The Finger is nearly upon us, so you know what we have for you: Facebook Fiction Friday. This week’s submission is from Dee Westfall and goes a little something like this:

“Every year you give up whatever I give up for lent. Why do you do that? You’re not even Catholic.” His curiosity pushed hard into intrigue. She angled her head from the dinner she was cooking- cheeseless , for Lent- and shrugged. “You do it. I just think it’s good to give up something, and it’s easier for you if you’re not on your own with it. I don’t need cheese, and you might find it easier to keep your promise if the person you live with does it with you. You know, I don’t really know, I just do it.”

He took the knife from her hand, and tenderly wrapped his arms around her. “Oh,” he said “for love.”

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