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Sex and Rock ‘n Roll have been lumped together so long that many now assume they’re two sides of the same coin. For those with more extreme inclinations its not unfair to argue that Rock ‘n Roll was created solely for the purpose of sex. In spite of these associations, Cantalouper’s newest release, “Reproduction,” somehow avoids cliche. “Reproduction”–beyond the obvious mention of sex as reproduction–conjures the ultimate purpose of coitus by featuring a lone sperm about to fertilize an egg, all with a sea-green color scheme on its cover. Though connected to sex, the music of Cantalouper does not remind me of Mick Jagger or Slash. Instead, Cantalouper’s music, under the strong guidance of Levi Dolan’s talented songwriting abilities, seems like a group of anti-hero songs meant for those who are down and out.

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