Moment Flash – “Your Words”

This year, we’re starting a new series of writing – the “Moment Flash” series. Here, all the works published are approximately 150 words or less – it’s a moment of time, captured in writing. This is the first entry of the series!

I continued watching the tiny, nondescript screen of my phone, waiting for a reply with bated breath. He wasn’t acting like himself in these conversations, and hadn’t been all night; his expressiveness was, admittedly, a little disconcerting. My heart had been beating harder than usual, a blend of long-lingering romantic devotion and a more sudden, platonic concern. Saying you were sick of betrayal, tired of your downtrodden life, outright pleading for me not to leave by name – my actual, birth name, not the pseudonym I typically present – how was I supposed to react? What were you truly trying to say? The next message arrived, split into thirds due to sheer length. An echo of a previous message I sent, “…I value you more than words could ever express accurately.” The lines he was skirting during this entire conversation were crossed; I could no longer ignore the implications.

Author: Starr Cole