The Finger is back, and we want your best!

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve last spoke, but The Finger is still alive and kicking, and ready to point out some contests that are about to end soon. All contests are exclusive to current FLCC students, with cash prizes and publication should you win. We have…

  • A poetry contest, any topic
  • A flash fiction contest (approximately 500 words or less)
  • An art/photography contest

For all contests, First Prize is $250, Second Prize is $150, Third Prize is $100
All contests end tomorrow, April 5th, 2016! 


As well, submissions by current FLCC students for this year’s edition of The Finger also end on the above date – April 5th, 2016. Be you a fresh, green leaf, or well-seasoned in the art of writing, we welcome all potential submissions.

Do you want to miss out on your chance to be published in this year’s edition of FLCC’s national literary magazine? Whether it’s for one of our contests, or for general publication, give us a shout – we look forward to your entries!