Moment Flash – “12 ¾ inches”

Welcome, and welcome back! Tonight we’re publishing the second installment of our Moment Flash series, written flash works that capture a moment of time in 150 words or less. Tonight’s piece, “12 ¾ inches”, was written by Connor Keihl.

Flickering white and red, soaring through waves of blue and white. Left foot twitches, spinning backwards, crossing the right. Black leather meets my body, hugging the inside of my left arm and breast. Long legs leaping over the neatly groomed green. Spinning completely around, my back to them all, because who knows? Today I might be Willie fucking Mays. The flickering red and white has grown in its descent. My left arm twists to the right, reaching in desperation, hoping its long length will make up for my tired legs. Black leather soars, its web extended wide, but twelve and three-quarter inches aren’t long enough today. The score: 3-0 at the end of the first.

Author: Connor Keihl