Moment Flash – Annie Livingston

We of The Finger are back with our third installment of the Moment Flash series! For those who are new, the Moment Flash consists of flash works approximately 150 words or less that capture a moment in time. Tonight’s work is written by Annie Livingston.

I walk along paths lit by lanterns, ferns, and a sliver of moonlight,
towards voices in the distance. The wet stones are slippery and cold underfoot. Steam from the springs rises up and dusts my bare arms and back, making them tingle with cold.

I reach the pool where my friends are, appearing as shadowy figures. I wade into the water, and the warmth surrounds my feet instantly, making the rest of my body crave it too. I wade in up to my hips, then chest and shoulders.

Feeling brave, I take a deep breath, the moist air dampening my lungs, and dip my head under. Underneath the water is so peaceful. I should be afraid here, in a dark hot spring, miles from any city, but I have never felt safer.

Running out of air, my head breaks through the water’s surface and I look up to the stars.

Author: Annie Livingston