Moment Flash – Caitlyn Sprague

Welcome back; today’s our next Moment Flash installment! Our author for this installment is Caitlyn Sprague.

I am sitting in a lawn chair, staring around the fire at my family. The fresh summer woods and smell of our camp fire permeate the air. To my left my two girls are playing with rocks and sticks—the way I played as a kid with my sisters, using our imaginations and playing outdoors from sun up till sun down. My parents, sister, my fiancé and I sit circled around the fire sharing funny stories and memories. Summer is winding down and fall is creeping in, causing the air to be cool and crisp. Our hoodies and the fire keep us warm. The sun is sinking lower in the sky. It is a perfect day, and how could it not be? Here surrounded by nature and my family. It is quiet, it is peaceful.

Author: Caitlyn Sprague