Moment Flash – Nicole Aruck

We have another Moment Flash entry up for reading tonight; the author of this work is Nicole Aruck!

Thousands of miles away,

Yet, it feels like you’re here.

We sit underneath the stars,

Watching the Red Moon.

This night I hold dear to my heart,

As for once, we can share the same sight.

Three years down the road,

Time goes so fast.

As we are starring at the moon it all comes back.

The moment we met forever changed my life,

I wouldn’t take it back,

As you are now a big part of my life.

The crazy thing is,

We have never even met.

Talking on the phone every night,

You get to know a person well.

You are my best friend, lover, and some could say my better half,

The Red Moon that I see is just a reminder of that.

Keep me close to your heart darling as we are miles apart,

I will be there shortly,

To kiss you goodnight.

Author: Nicole Aruck