Meet Our New Editor-in-Chief

In Upstate New York and in many places around the country, the New Year whipped in like a whirlwind, cold and snowy, howling for a home, and looking for direction. Here at The Finger, we hope you have weathered the storms, dug yourselves out of whatever scenario the sky befell you, and discovered or revisited the muses among you. As the winter solstice fades further into the background, we are looking forward to longer and brighter days, heightened levels of Vitamin D, and a new burst of energy to fuel our creative angels and demons. We can’t wait to get started on our Fall 2018 issue, and we are excited to see what y’all bring to the table! We are also pleased to introduce you to our new editor-in-chief, FLCC alum and part-time faculty member, Erin Brewer. Erin joined our team at the end of December and says that she is “both humbled and honored to be a part of an artistic endeavor founded at a place that always feels like home.”

Erin deeply admires the work of the students, staff, and faculty that have come before her and hopes to continue the legacy of The Finger as a “unique literary publication that connects our little college community to the big and bold artistic world at large in a spirit of comradery, a celebration of diversity, and with a passionate, creative drive.”

So…here she is, folks. Introducing Erin Brewer:




And here’s that bio-spiel-type-thing:

Erin grew up in the Finger Lakes area, having attended Marcus Whitman High School and Finger Lakes Community College, where she pursued Honors Studies and contributed to The Review and Rooted in the Fragments. She completed her undergraduate work at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, with a BA in English and a minor in German Area studies. She received an MA in English Literature and a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from SUNY Brockport, where her research focused on graphic memoir through the lenses of genre and gender theories, and her creative work culminated in a multi-media poetry piece reflecting on the works of Toni Morrison. She is published in the literary magazines of her alma maters, Thel and Jigsaw.

Currently a part-time faculty member of the humanities department at FLCC, you will be sure to run in to Erin somewhere on campus as she divides her time between teaching English courses, providing writing support and mentoring in The Write Place, and editing and promoting The Finger. In colder weather, you might also want to check the café where Erin often sits with her journal, laptop, or lunch, looking through the walls of windows and waiting for the arrival of what she calls “the snow globe effect.” When it’s sunny and warm, she’ll more likely be hiding in the campus arboretum, chatting with trees and documenting their stories.

Academically, these days, Erin continues to research and explore the graphic medium of storytelling and its inclusion in teaching writing in a college classroom. Creatively, she describes herself as “a poet trapped in a personal essay.”

Outside of writing and teaching, Erin feels most at home in the woods or in her garden: “There is nothing more therapeutic than touching dirt, feeling it between your toes and your fingers. It makes you mindful of the stuff you’re made of. It keeps you humble and grateful. And it teaches you that when it comes to the earth, you’re absolutely and completely responsible for its well-being. You really think about that once you feel how much dirt and people are one and the same.”

Erin lives in Farmington with her partner of nine years and their three children: Tristan, 14, Sophie Rainn, 5, and Raven Starr, 2, and their three fur babies: Maya the Chocolate Lab, Oliver the Australian Cattle Dog, and Samsyn The Black Siamese cat.

Erin’s lifelong ambition and ultimate goal is to one day travel the globe as a volunteer and/or ambassador for UNICEF.