Cartoon Classics

Cartoon Classics: Introduction

Growing up without cable as a child was interesting, to say the least. Many of the cartoons I wound up watching were either from my favorite VHS tapes or on PBS Kids, and all of these cartoons are ones I have nostalgic feelings about. But now that I’m older and people my age express nostalgia about the shows they watched as children, I’ve realized that there were so many cartoons and TV shows that I never watched, or if I did ever see them it was in passing. There seemed to be three kids’ channels I rarely watched shows on or never watched shows on at all: Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network.

So now that I have better internet access and a better writing ability than I did as a child, I’ve decided to gather up a collection of kids’ shows from each TV channel and then take a look at each, specifically the first episode from each show. There are four pieces of criteria for each review: animation, voice acting, writing, and appeal for children.

I hope everyone will enjoy going through this trip through nostalgic time with me, since there’s a lot I want to watch and look at.