We Will Rock You

The Girl with the Bluish-Green Hair

Rachael Eckerson is in her third and final year at FLCC, working towards her two associate’s degrees in Music and Writing. She originally enrolled in college to become a math teacher, too stubborn and not confident enough to pursue her passions as careers options. However, when she made the switch after discovering that her life-long plan of becoming a teacher wasn’t as good a fit for her as she thought it would be, doors were opened for her that she never imagined possible. Now, with plans to continue onto a four-year college for a bachelor’s degree in English and to eventually become an editor for novels and short stories, she joins The Finger Literary Journal.

Wanting to combine her two passions into one, she’ll be contributing to our website with We Will Rock You, a blog that will focus on FLCC’s 2019 Spring Arts Festival, “The Show Must Go On.” As a vocalist for the tribute concert to Queen, she’ll be reporting on the show’s progress and providing some insight as to why the band was chosen as this year’s theme, in addition to some background for the songs included in the set list.

Rachael hopes that her blog will draw more attention to the other creative outlet FLCC has to offer aside from literature and the arts, as well as give representation to the musicians whose talents and projects deserve to be shared in The Finger Literary Journal  too. She’s excited to be a part of the journal and looks forward to sharing her experiences with our literary community.