The Silver Screen

A Star Is Born Review


Genre: Drama, Romance

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliot, Dave Chappelle, and Anthony Ramos

Directed By: Bradley Cooper

Distributor: Warner Bros.

By all means I was excited from the very beginning. From the trailer being released on June 6th, 2018. I was blown away by how magical the trailer was. I only knew of the movie vaguely from previous adaptions: 1947, 1954, and 1976. I noticed that it was made for practically every generation because the story-line was timeless. It expresses the human struggles that audiences still connect with.

The latest adaption has a star-studded cast, placing Lady Gaga’s feature film debut front and center. She’s always been considered a unique individual, often compared to Madonna for her bizarre wardrobe choices. But it is often praise for her musical genius which really shines on the soundtrack.

The aesthetic of this movie is very appealing. The colors are so lukewarm and comforting. There is such a swirl of hazy oranges, bright reds, and smoky blues. You can tell that Cooper really shed light on the emotions, the smoky blues hinting at the continuous growth in Ally’s confidence. I also thought of how blue is used to display the emphasis of how big the stage is. It has a mystical feel to it, making the performances seem very intimate and natural.

The color red is showcased pretty frequently throughout the movie. Instincts of red in the background in many of the live performances gave me the impression of how audiences as well as characters could feel the excitement and passion as Ally and Jackson displayed their admiration of music for the world to see. I feel like the color red also represents their relationship, because not only is it passionate, but very intense as well.

One special gem is that this film has an astounding soundtrack. It not only sheds life on the emotional depth between two main characters, one who has experienced the lifestyle of being a musician and the demons that come with it and one whose wide-eyed who is just trying to get their voice out there and be heard.

This film shows how sometimes life imitates art as the song, ‘La Vie en Rose‘ is sung by Ally when she meets Jack in the film, is the same song that Bradley witnesses Lady Gaga’s singing for the first time at an charity event. There’s a small pause between them as they first meet of reminds you of that everything happens for a reason. People come in and out of your life for a reason. It’s a very memorable moment that feels like time in the movie was slowed down and captured at the perfect moment.

Cooper and Gaga have such a beautiful raw chemistry displayed on screen. You could totally believe their relationship, their witty banter…they’re that couple that you are annoyed with because they are so head over heals in love in with each other. Cooper and Gaga’s depictions of Ally and Jack’s relationship is so relatable because they have normal everyday challenges that everyone has to face on a daily basis. The fact that they are so brutally honest with each other shows that they are just looking out for one another and want the other to be successful.

Obviously, their relationship is not perfect, they surrounded each other but as Jack becomes less and less of a success and Allie’s career began to skyrocket it comes with its problems. As the audience, you are put in the passenger seat as you witness behind closed doors the overbearing responsibility of being a celebrity. Unfortunately some celebrities turn to drugs to keep up with it all.

Bradley plays the mysterious washed up singer with a fatal flaw brilliantly. Bradley’s, Jackson Maine, has so many layers. His gravely voice (which he adapted from his much older brother, played by Sam Elliot) along with the bad boy persona is in fact misleading. Under all that gravel is hiding leads to a man with a trouble past trying to find the light in the darkness. Jack can be a lovable gentleman; a man with good intentions. He tells it like it is. But he’s human and he makes mistakes. As an audience member, you empathize with his character because Cooper shows how that there’s more that meets the eye.

Lady Gaga’s, Ally, is truly a firecracker, she’s goofy, sweet and fiercely protective of her friends and family. Just like Jack, she does not hold back and lets others know what’s is she feeling. She longs to be an famous musician, annoyed with society’s standard with what is acceptable and what isn’t. Her dreams are in a stand still, the constant rejection because of her facial features is what causes her to withdraw into her shell.

Gaga shows the audience a woman who has so much potential and charisma that just oozes out of her character and onto the screen. You just feel her anger and frustration that you know that when she gets her chance she’ll blow everyone away.

Jack brings Ally out of her shell, proving to everyone and to herself that she is a talented musician that everyone should pay attention to. Ally teaches Jack that there is still hope and beauty in the world and when you find it, you hold on to it and don’t let go.

This being the fourth adaption should have been a red flag: a cash grab that leaves audiences disappointed. But instead, audiences will leave the theater floored after witnessing this emotional roller coaster—-a musical gem that will be talked about for generations to come.