Bird Box Analysis

Plot spoilers: by reading, you are expected to have prior knowledge of the movie so do not read if you haven’t or intend on watching this movie. 

As soon as Bird Box landed on Netflix in early December, it caught wind in terms of views as well as the memes and jokes on social media pertaining to the plot and acting within the movie. Not necessarily in a bad way either; the acting is very good, as the directors brought in a wide variety of actors and people to have star in this movie. Now, that being said, this is not a critique of the movie, so we will not delve much deeper than that in terms of cast and how good the movie is or isn’t.

Because of the fact that the viewers never actually see the creatures, fans have been raving about the significance of the creatures. Ironically, the main idea behind the plot of this movie is very easy to connect to social media.

Social media has a great effect on almost everyone across America–and the world–as people can connect and “follow” each other from all the way across the globe. Relating to the movie, the epidemic that is seen on Malorie’s TV at the beginning of the movie travels and spreads across the world so fast that the citizens in southern California were not even able to prepare for it and know what to do. We can also tell how quick this epidemic caught on because of the fact that Malorie had not even heard about it when her sister asked her.
Do you see the parallel yet? Anything posted on social media can spread like wildfire and reach the eyes of millions or even billions of people. If that is not enough for you, keep reading.
The basis of this movie can be interpreted as social media being inhuman; it blinds you from reality; it hurts your mental reality. The creatures force survivors to wear blindfolds and makes sure that they do not see them because of their blinding nature and instinct to drive people to commit a terrible suicide.

If this still isn’t enough, think about it like this: the monsters force people to commit a horrific suicide and are greatly feared as they take over the world. Yet, they cannot get inside of a house? How big and bad can these “monsters” be if they cannot even get inside?

This is what could possibly be the greatest factor that relates the plot to social media. Social media cannot reach you if you do not let it, just as these creature can’t. It is hard to go out and get food and shelter without social media having some role in your life and this is why the creatures can affect survivors outside or even inside if they let them in or even peek outside of a window.
Ironically, it is pretty comical how we can make a connection to how social media is bad and has virtually taken over the world and yet, Bird Box has become a mainstream meme within social media and this “Bird Box Challenge” of driving a car blindfolded has emerged. Now that is cuckoo.