Behind the Brackets

NCAA Tournament 

Since 1939 the NCAA tournament has been a game changer. To all those who don’t know, the NCAA tournament also known as “March Madness” is an ongoing single elimination tournament that happens every year. Both men and women hold the same tournament. (Separated of course) But, the kicker is that every team in the Division one bracket doesn’t get to participate. Your team has to win their conference title for an automatic bid to the tourney, or get picked during the “selection show.” This is based off your team’s overall performance during the season. This ongoing madness that sends the world into an ultimate frenzy is the science behind the brackets. All the basketball fans know that this a serious deal. Every pick is crucial. Every bracket filler knows what’s on the line. Whether it be money or just getting to tell everyone that your bracket did well. The end result of these brackets are not always pretty. Obviously.  Upset alert, right? Make sure you choose-wisely bracket fillers, or you’ll be down in the first round, as will everyone else.