Box of Chocolates

Craft 120

Welcome to todays tasty Box of Chocolates! Are you ready for your dose of chocolate?

     Craft 120, a beautiful restaurant in Newark, NY should be next on your list of restaurants to visit! This recently established restaurant overlooks the Erie Canal and offers a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks. The second you walk in the door you are welcomed by its unique design, reminiscent of a quaint and stylish European restaurant. The environment could not be more invigorating and welcoming – literally, the restaurant exudes warmth.

     I’m not even sure where to begin. Besides the amazing ambiance of the restaurant, it has culinary dishes I like to call beyond delicious. One of my personal favorites is their version of mac and cheese, When Cheese Meets Mac. It comes out served in a warm cast iron pan and is absolutely mouth watering. Some of my other favorites include their duck wings – which may sound weird considering most people eat chicken wings, but trust me, they are even better than chicken wings. They are tossed and cooked in this almost tropical, spicy sauce; it has a little zing and a little zang, and I mean that in the best way. Another wonderful dish is their Major Flight of Filet, which is essentially three filet mignon medallions made in three separate yet scrumptious ways. If you are not a meat-eater, I can attest to the fact they have delectable vegetarian options as well, such as their Vegetarian Cavatelli or Mushroom Risotto – and while I normally detest the idea of eating fungus, my boyfriend forced me to try the mushroom risotto and I was pleasantly surprised.

     One of my other favorite things about this restaurant is their never-ending and ever-changing specials. I use those words quite literally. Every single time I have ever been there, they have a list of specials and I don’t think I have ever heard the same special twice. I remember one time they had this chicken chowder special that blew my mind. I was so blown away, in fact, that I wrote on my receipt a little plea that they would make it a permanent part of the menu.

     On top of all of their delicious entrées, they also have fabulous sides and decadent desserts. It does not matter what entrée I order, I always order their garlic parmesan roasted broccoli as a side and their triple chocolate layer cake as a dessert. The broccoli is cooked to the perfect texture and is always delicious, and nutritious for any of you out there who are health nuts like me! As for the triple chocolate layer cake…that is simply and blissfully sinful, which is odd considering the cake layers – as well as the chocolate and vanilla cream layers in between – are as fluffy as the clouds of heaven.

     Oh, and for any of you craft beer enthusiasts, this is the place to be. I, myself, am more of a wine enthusiast, and they do have a wonderful selection of wines, but my boyfriend loves craft beer. Fairly often, Craft 120 will switch out their selections of craft beer, but he has never been disappointed. It has gotten to the point that, every time we go, he orders the craft beer flight, which allows him to choose four craft beers off their list. I have now turned this into a game with him, where I’ll pick three of the beers – I always choose the ones with the weirdest names – and then let him choose the last one. Again, he has never been disappointed.

     Despite everything I just said, there are in fact other reasons to love this place aside from the decadent food, stellar ambiance and the variety of selections from the bar. One of my favorite things about Craft 120 is that it is the perfect place to read and write. Sometimes I feel like grabbing lunch by myself, and when that mood strikes, I’ll grab a book and head over there. I’ll order something to eat and sometimes a glass of wine, and relax with a nice book or work on writing one of my books. It has a peaceful atmosphere whether you are inside or out on the deck, which is lovely in the summer.     Overall, I have to say that this restaurant should definitely be on your list of places to visit soon. You will not regret it!