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Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review

Cast: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Angela Bassett, Ving Rhames, and Michelle Monaghan

Genre: Thiller, Action

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Truthfully, this is the only series that I’ve watched completely out of order. First starting with Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, Mission Impossible 3, Mission Impossible 2, and Rogue Nation then finally Mission Impossible 6. This series has definitely grown on me. It’s fun, exciting, and manages to out-do itself every time. You’d think after hanging on the side of an airplane is enough. But of course, Tom Cruise does not know the meaning of the word.

He’s nearly gotten himself killed countless times as well having multiple injuries across this action-packed series. The sixth film in the franchise, Cruise broke his ankle. Stopping the production of the movie for weeks. He did 106 takes of the Halo jumps, trained a year and a half, learning how to control and operate a helicopter. As one of my favorite actors, Tom Cruise, he has always had the charisma and the charm to take these movies to the next level.

But he’s always been captivating on screen. Nearly sixty years old, he’s still a major star. Secondly, to Tom, there’s Simon Pegg. He is pretty hilarious and goofy, has a pleasant essence on screen. I consider him the heart of the Mission Impossible. He just molds everyone together. The character he plays, Benji Dunn is not the best field agent. But he does try his very best to help the team in his own way. The cast returns just as spectacular as the previous film, with the addition of Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett, Henry Cavill was the muscle, the hammer as Angela Bassett.

The infamous bathroom scene was truly brutal they were really going at it, every punch, kick felt like crackling thunder. The choreography was brilliant and it felt like everything was on edge. The set pieces were beautiful, playing as two characters working in Ethan’s favor as well against him. So that aspect was very interesting. In addition, Tom Cruise had nearly run a marathon as he dedicated about ten to fifteen minutes of screen time to just run. It was absolutely captivating.

(Spoilers Ahead)

The reintroduction to Ethan’s ex-wife Julia portrayed by Michelle Monaghan was so heart-breaking, she had gotten remarried and spend her time saving the world in her own way. It was heartbreaking to see the life Ethan could have had if he chooses to leave the life of an international spy. She moved on with her life as well Ethan who had he found a family within his team. Which is awesome.

(Spoilers Concluded)

In regards to the villainess, Alanna Mitsopolis Vanessa Kirby is good. She was very mysterious, ruthless and tactical with her plans and schemes.

The relationship between Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise was hinted but did not beat you over the head with them being a possibility in the future. Ferguson was just as spectacular as she was in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Her story is complex as she was dealing with the inner war of being apart of MI6 and longing to help her friends who are apart of the IMF.

Special shoutout to Ving Rhames who had a small but impactful scene as he explains the reasons behind Ethan cutting ties with his ex-wife, Julia. It adds a little depth to Ethan’s character as well shows how close Luther and Ethan’s friendship is.

Next, the helicopter scene was pretty epic. I mean absolutely insane. They really went at it. Guns blazing, hand-to-hand contact, this scene definitely at it all. During that entire scene, I am glued to my seat in amazement.

Overall, my favorite spy team brought their A game and made a stellar film. My only criticism is that I’ve been cursed by seeing some of these plot elements before. Some of the plot points were very predictable and completely took me out of the film.

Regardless of that setback, if you want to watch a movie that will leave you in awe and wonder, definitely give this one a try. This ensemble cast just gets better and better, heightening expectations and thrilling audiences the world over.