Behind The Pay

Let us shift our focus to the women’s side a bit. Breanna Stewart, a WNBA MVP of the Seattle Storm was carried off the court during a Euro league game in Hungary due to a ruptured Achilles tendon, as soon as the news was released everyone felt her pain. Everyone including the Women’s National Basketball Association. Due to the low pay, women of the league have to rely on playing overseas, which takes a big physical and emotional toll on the players. This brings up the never-ending question of women’s salary. It’s crazy to me that these women have to bust their butts in the WNBA off-season just to make ends meet. What they should be doing is preparing and resting themselves for their teams upcoming season. But, instead they are killing themselves in different countries because a United States owned league (keep in mind) refuses to pay them what they deserve. When will it ever change? That’s right it won’t. Until someone gets off their lazy butt and does something.