The Silver Screen

Deepwater Horizon-Review

Genre: Drama, Thiller, True Story

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez, Kate Hudson, and Dylan O’Brien

Directed By: Peter Berg

Before this movie was even in theaters, I was intrigued by the story. I was only ten years old when the oil spill happened, damaging the oceans and sea life for miles. But I never knew that eleven people had died that traumatic event. This movie sheds light on the brave souls that did not hesitate to jump into action and save their fellow crew members. This movie displays the everlasting power of the human spirit. My love for this movie has no boundaries. It’s heartfelt and shows hows even in your darkest hour you can still have hope.

Director Peter Burg and screenplay writers, Matthew Michael Carnahan, and Matthew Sand showed that the crew members on the rig in the rig were more than just co-workers. They were presented to the audience as a family. A tight-knit family that made the events that followed in the movie more real and urgent. The script was brilliantly crafted as you were introduced each character through playful side conversations and inside jokes.

Mark Wahlberg has never been on my radar as an talented actor but this movie gave me all the convincing I needed. His portrayal of Mike Williams blew me away and that was a happy surprise. Kate Hudson, who plays his wife, Felicia Williams gave a great performance as well. Even though she was only in a few scenes, she made those scenes count as she and the rest of the cast wanted to honor the real-life people they were playing with as much respect as they could.

Gina Rodriguez, I already knew her from The CW’s Jane The Virgin so I knew she could act. I adore her and knew she’d be in good hands delivering the role of Andrea Fleytas. She has the grace and the charm that I absolutely adored. Toward the end of the film, she had a scene with Mark Wahlberg that was definitely Oscar worthy. It was riveting as well intense as their world was engulfed in flames.

To be honest, I was amazed due to the fact how comedic this film was. It had a witty sense of humor that made me chuckle throughout the film. With that said, the film knew when to be serious and handled the deary subject matter very well.

I have to give kudos to the sound department as well the visual effects because they are incredible. It made you uncomfortable in a good way as you felt the impact of the oil rig falling apart around you as much as the characters on screen did. I have not physically cringed in a movie since I saw the movie; The Impossible a few years back. Everything was razor sharp and loud as they dealt with the chaos in the final hours of the Deepwater Horizon.

This movie from start to finish you get sucked into this world. You feel for everyone involved. Once I finished watching this movie I did some research of my own. The events that lead to this horrific event will shock you as much as the aftermath does.

I love that this film leaves you breathless, it leaves you wanted you more. It stays with you and makes you think. I think if a film leaves you pondering hours, even days after watching then the film has left its mark.