The death of Kurt Cobain shook the world. He was a man who spoke to adolescents in a way no one else could. The question everyone was asking was, “Where do we go from here?” Thankfully, the hard rock genre kept its head and pushed forward. Music, as it does, had changed again from the original idea of grunge. Grunge was a genre filled with poetic lyrics and dirty-sounding instruments. The new genre, dubbed “post-grunge (the genre was so important that the after movement still had ‘grunge’ in it)”, had more direct lyrics and a less abrasive tone. Post-grunge resembled pop music in the sense that songs were more relatable to the general public and followed typical pop style verse-chorus formats. One of the first bands in the post-grunge movement was Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters was created by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and sparked the more mainstream hard rock movement. When asked about Cobain’s death in a recent interview, Grohl said, “It sucked, but I had to tell myself, ‘you just have to keep playing.’” Post-grunge music was all over the map in terms of themes. Bands wrote happy dance songs but also had plenty of ballads that made listeners really think. Many post-grunge bands are still sort of popular, such as Nickelback, Creed, Three Days Grace, and many others, however, their days of owning the charts have since left us.