Box of Chocolates

The Covenant Series

Welcome Back to my Box of Chocolates! Today I’ve got a chocolate for you that is pretty sweet, so be sure to grab your insulin!

I’ve got a little book review for you! Actually, it’s a series review- The Covenant series be Jennifer L. Armentrout. It’s a fantastic five book series about a teenage girl named Alexandra, or Alex (as she prefers to be called).

Based in Greek Mythology, The Covenant series is sure to make an addict out of you.

I will regretfully restrain myself from mentioning any spoilers… After all, I would like for you guys to fall in love with my analysis so much that you immediately go out and buy this entire series!

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes! The Covenant series is about this teenage girl named Alex. She is a half-blood, which is essentially a person who is born from a human and pure-blood. Not to be political or anything, but I find that the use of pure-blood and half-blood classifications seem to mirror racial issues, which take an interesting turn if you read the series.


To me, this series is unique in many ways. For instance, its successful and in-depth use of Greek Mythology which I love because I am a total geek for the mythology of the Greek. (See what I did there? I rhymed 😀 )

But I digress.

Despite it being steeped in Greek Mythology, it has many other components that I think make it a great series.

For example, the relationships between the characters are in no way basic or stereotypical, however, they are also not ludicrous and far-fetched. The relationship dynamics between all of the characters are complex and realistic, so realistic that you will become immersed in the story’s universe and attached to its characters. You will chew through this book watching the dynamics of the relationships unfold as tensions ebb and flow, bonds form and break, and relationships alter forever.

You will find yourself hooked on the evolution of these characters as you watch them make realizations about themselves, the people around them, and their place in those relationships and in the world at large.

That is what makes this series truly addicting – the reality of the characters in the story and of the struggles they go through and the decisions they make. Yes, this series has an amazing story arc and mind-blowing plot twists. Yes, it makes excellent use and pays outstanding homage to Greek Mythology.

However, it’s the characters you’ll fall in love with. It’s the truth and relatability that will have your heart racing and tears streaming down your face. It’s the immersive experience that will form knots in your stomach and drop your jaw, and the moments of pure unbridled reality will have you giggling your ass off.

This series is definitely not one to miss. My mom raised me not to make promises I can’t keep, and unless this genre is completely out of your wheelhouse, I promise you that you’ll walk away addicted, in love, and craving more!        0