We Will Rock You

Under Pressure

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that this week is the FLCC Spring Arts Festival. It seems like just yesterday I was worrying about how my audition went, and now we’re less than five days away from the show. We’ve gone from rehearsing with only the vocalists in the choir room to rehearsing with the bands in the studios, and now we’re in the auditorium on stage and running the entire program with all the works. It’s insane!

So much work has been put into this show, and to see how far we’ve come is absolutely amazing. I remember when we first started meeting up, our small group of eight vocalists looking at the music for the first time and learning the parts one by one, then together. Now we’re on stage, on mics, singing our parts from memory. It’s a whole different experience that I wasn’t entirely prepared for, but I’m so glad that I took the chance and became a part of it.

Being involved in this Queen tribute show has really broken me out of shell, and although it was initially a bit scary and at times overwhelming, it’s really made the best of my last semester at FLCC. Admittedly, I’d hit a pretty low point in my life before this semester started, and although going back to school didn’t immediately pick me back up, the show did help to make things a bit better. It gave me something to look forward to every week, a break from the mundane. It also kept me involved with the music program, which I miss being a part of since I’ve been catching up on my gen-eds that I pushed off till the last minute and finishing up my other writing degree.

With everything coming to an end so soon, it’s hard not to fall victim to the stress of all the due dates and assignments, but doing something as fun as this was almost like an escape for me. Singing along to some of my favorite songs in a way I never would’ve sung them before has been a really interesting experience, and it’s something I’ll probably remember for years to come. Hell, this whole show is something I’m going to remember for years to come, as it will be for everyone involved, as well as the audience!

It’s going to be great, guys. We’re doing all the hits, all your favorites, and we’ve got two great bands and an amazing group of singers, so make sure you’re there! Trust me when I say you’re not going to want to miss it.

Hope to see you there,