Staff 2014

Garrett Walborn



Dee Westfall

Assistant Editor / Creative Non-Fiction














Against most odds, DEE WESTFALL is a college student, an artist and a writer. She discovered ceramic sculpture, and can never go back – which means she’ll spend the next twenty years with wonderfully calloused hands and blissfully dusty hair. Her writing desires are what drew her to assisting with the publishing of The Finger, in addition to her belief that encouraging anyone to explore writing and possibly develop a passion for it as well as for reading is a great thing. She is also intrigued by the idea of working with intelligent people and having stimulating conversation, and believed (and so far still does) that this group of people might fulfill that.

She asserts that writing leads to reading, and reading is inspiring. Her favorite book as a child was about a man who wooed an old lady to try to steal her secret cranberry bread recipe. He failed and Dee’s eyes were opened by this story of a strong and resourceful woman. More recently she read “The Great Gatsby” again and really identified with the narrator, Nick Carraway, who was a non-judgmental observer with a deep and conscientious soul, since that combination of traits reveals people and things in a way that is equally painful and delightful. Dee finds a new inspiration every time she reads something – and so wants people to write, write, write!

In addition, Dee could never have a job that involves caring for human babies, regularly has a dream at 3:00 am that terrifies her because she can’t remember it and it leaves her frightened and feeling she’s failed at some really important prevent-a-nuclear-war task, she is not a huge fan of argyle socks outside of golf dress up parties and doesn’t identify with any cheese. Icarus is her favorite myth, she absolutely has to make it to Machu Picchu before she dies, she plans to die happy and her favorite quote is, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”

Patrick Mess

Poetry Section / Little Finger














PATRICK MESS is a fine arts major with an intense love of book making, queer theory, feminist rants, and talking to trees. Part of the poetry section and the poetry editor’s main bitch, Patrick has been fired more than twelve times yet still keeps showing up to do a job that never gets done. Patrick hopes to one day publish a graphic novel, be able to talk to pigeons, and own a shelf full of hand-bound books. When not yelling at inanimate objects, Patrick is crying in public restrooms and laughing obnoxiously in your general vicinity. Patrick hails from the small town of Canisteo, NY, a town known for resembling Silent Hill.

Michael Callari

Fiction Editor














MICHAEL CALLARI will graduate Finger Lakes Community College in May with an associate degree in Humanities. He was drawn to The Finger by a desire to diversify his experiences with writing, and also by an unusually large electromagnet.  He lives on campus during the semester, but otherwise resides in a Rochester suburb. (It’s really obscure. You’ve probably never heard of it.) In his spare time, he writes fiction, plays with Nerf blasters, and screams about giant monsters on the Internet.

Abigail Sitterley

Poetry Section / Little Finger














ABIGAIL SITTERLEY is a writer, musician, and an avid Bollywood fan who lives on the border of two towns famous for their sulphur water and sauerkraut. When she isn’t striving to place as many puns into a conversation as she can, she is working towards completing her degree at FLCC as a Humanities major. Her interests include dancing in wide open fields on foggy days, becoming a master in the art of self-deprecation, and smoking cigarettes while reading sacred texts. Abigail hopes to one day play music with Laura Marling, publish a chapbook of poetry, and be able to go one day without spilling coffee all over herself.

Marielle Maxwell

Poetry Section Editor / Little Finger














Winner of “Miss Epilepsy 2014” and tied in first place for “Western Woman With World’s Lowest Dowry” (a bushel of wheat, a small hen, and a crumpled up five dollar bill), MARIELLE MAXWELL pretends to be able to write when in reality she only vomits up poetry that uses a dissonant cacophony of words, like “dissonant” and “cacophony” and “word”. Rochester native and Canandaigua refugee, Marielle “Julius Seizure” Maxwell has fired about every single member of The Finger poetry staff a minimum of six times. She has gone stark raving power mad, to which The Finger staff should respond appropriately and invite her to a meeting and stab her on the Ides of March. She is currently a Liberal Arts major at Finger Lakes Community College but intends to go into Nursing eventually.

Aaron Landcastle

Floating Editor / Little Finger














AARON LANDCASTLE is a fine arts major at Finger Lakes Community College, 2010 alumni of FLCC for Theatre Arts, 2008 New York State Summer School of the Arts alumni, former resident of New Paltz, published playwright, and artist from Rushville, New York. His illustrations have appeared at Metamorphosis Art  in Canandaigua, NY, and he aims to visit Brooklyn in 2015 after graduation.

Shelbi Noffsinger

Creative Non-Fiction Editor














Shelbi is a former southerner turned Yankee in the nick of time, right before the south realized it would never rise again. To conceal her identity, she changed the spelling of her name from “Shelby” to “Shelbi.”  She hails from the city of Tallahassee, Florida with her two year old son. In Tallahassee, Shelbi attended an alternative charter high school and was voted “Most Likely to Start Her Own Religion.” That’s still in the works, but she’s finally perfected her Kool-Aid recipe. Shelbi joined “The Finger” to feed her literature cravings and create something meaningful, in a world of superficial nothingness. She enjoys helping to create “The Finger” because she believes it’s important for people’s voices to be heard; she also has dreams of working in publishing one day. To her, the magazine is a way of controlling a very microscopic portion of the media, which she has self-proclaimed to be a requirement for her major, Communications.

Will Cobb

Fiction Section














WILL COBB is a charming young man who has his heart set on one fair lady: Music. When he isn’t playing with his band and opening for national musical acts such as Gideon and My Ticket Home, he is learning the art of Audio Recording Technology at FLCC. Finishing up his second semester at FLCC, Will has been working hard to gain the experience and education that will enable him to open his own recording studio. Using the resources and experience given to him, he hopes to help any and all artists that come to him bring their musical creations to life.

Devin Burgess

Fiction Section














DEVIN BURGESS acquired her taste for books at a very young age, and by the time she had learned to walk was well on her way to chewing through the entire section of the Newark Public Library’s board books. Since then she has widened her taste to all written word, and no longer gnashes on bindings but reads just about anything she can get her hands on. Favorite books from her childhood include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Ramona and Her Father. She is currently a part time student at FLCC and spends the rest of her time slaving to her precious violin. Her future plans include transferring from FLCC next fall to pursue a dual major in Music Performance and Creative Writing, or if that doesn’t pan out move to Oregon and work for Women and Women First (featured in the show Portlandia). Even longer term goals include moving to Sweden because Rochester winters just don’t last long enough. Her favorite pastimes include, researching diseases, watching reruns of Seinfeld, and organic farming.