Want to submit to the 2020 issue of FLJ?

The Finger Literary Journal is an internationally recognized publication produced by a class of creative writing and graphic design students at Finger Lakes Community College in upstate New York. While we pride ourselves on showcasing the creative endeavors of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, we accept submissions from around the globe. Our 2018 issue featured artists and writers from all across the country, and our “family in print” extended to Italy, Turkey, Israel, the Netherlands, France, and Belarus. Under the guidance of our dedicated and talented faculty and staff, the print edition is produced annually in the spring and released in the following fall semester.

The deadline for submitting work to be considered in the 2020 publication is April 1, 2020. We will notify you of your submission’s status within a couple months after the deadline. Not only will we let you know whether or not your work will be published, but in a spirit of artistic comradery, we will offer feedback and encouragement. We hope you will consider that less than 10% of the submissions we receive are selected for publication, so if we have to make the difficult decision to decline your work at this time, we hope that you will try again next year. Here, at FLJ, we value the evolution of the writer and artist, as well as the ever-changing landscape of our muses, and we are more than happy to revisit submissions with fresh eyes and new direction.

We are looking for intriguing fiction, provoking poetry, absorbing nonfiction, alluring art and photography, edgy indie comic strips, or any other cross-genre combination you might have concocted. Bottom line: we want the uniqueness of your art to match the uniqueness of your fingerprints.

We accept simultaneous submissions. You will retain full rights to your work, but if you have your piece simultaneously submitted or accepted elsewhere, then we ask that you let us know or withdraw your piece. If your piece is published in our journal and then accepted elsewhere for secondary publication, then we ask you give credit to The Finger Literary Journal as the source of first publication.

Rules of Ownership: Copyright is retained by the artist at all times. Authors are free to republish the work, though we do request a 90-day exclusiveness to our publication.

Contact us at with any questions. Thank you for your interest, and may the muses mingle among you.

Please follow the general guidelines for submissions to literary journals: double spaced, (fiction/nonfiction; single spaced for poetry is fine), a basic, easy-to-read font at least 12 pt. in size, and Word documents or .jpg files uploaded as attachments (please no screenshots, PDFs or copy/paste to submission box.

Flash Fiction
We like well-written and engaging stories that pack a big punch in a small space.

ONE flash fiction piece of 1,000 words or less; limit TWO submissions per person

Creative Nonfiction
Creative Nonfiction Magazine defines it as True stories, well told.
We are open to all forms of creative nonfiction, from well-researched historical pieces to narrative essays to social commentary to memoirs too incriminating to share with your mother.

ONE creative nonfiction piece of 2,000 words or less per submission; limit TWO submissions per person

When it comes to poetry, every word matters. And when every word matters, we love to put them in print. From formal to free-verse and every iteration between (or outside), we accept all forms of poetry.

Keep it to roughly 2 pages per poem (if we’re enthralled, we’ll keep reading)

ONE poem per submission; limit TWO submissions per person

We have an eye for aesthetically pleasing art and photography. But we’re always open for the bar to be raised. Please keep in mind the dimensions of our issues, which tend to be on the smaller side, roughly 5 X 7.

The higher the resolution, the better.

ONE file per submission; limit FOUR submissions per person
.jpg format